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Harvard University

Master of Education: Language and Literacy

Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelors of Humanities and Arts:

Communication Design and History


The color “crimson” is associated with power, status, and the determination to succeed. I hope all of my students can harness the power of crimson to write their stories of becoming future leaders, thinkers, and innovators in their admissions essays.


Dear Fellow Students, Parents, and Educators.

Crimson Academia's editors love getting to know the personal and academic journeys of our students through the process of writing for high stakes essays for admissions and competitions.


Our editors at Crimson Academia become excited too when our students tell us a story they have to share with the world. 


 I sincerely hope that Crimson Academia can help you craft your personal best essay for the admissions process.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Jiyoon Kim

Founder & Instructor at Crimson Academia

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